Clay Roof Tiles: An Important Chapter in the History of Roofing and a Popular Choice for Residential Roofs Today

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Clay Roof Tiles: An Important Chapter in the History of Roofing and a Popular Choice for Residential Roofs Today

Clay tiles are always a popular choice among our residential roofing clients in Deerfield Beach. That should come as no surprise. Clay or cement tiles can be a beautiful addition to your home. They are also a smart choice for many South Florida homeowners. 

What might surprise you is the fact that the popularity of clay tile roofs is nothing new. In fact, the history of clay roofing tiles stretches back more than 12,000 years!

“Our ancestors knew what they were doing when it came to their roofs! Clay tiles have been dated back to 10,000 B.C., making them one of the oldest materials still in use by roofing companies today,” the folks at Farha Roofing say. 

Early History of Roofs

If you remember studying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs when you were in school, you will know that shelter is one of the most basic of all human needs, right along with food, water, sleep and the other basic physiological needs that make up the foundation of Maslow’s pyramid.  

Don’t worry, you won’t have to face a pop quiz on this. We just wanted to bring it up to provide some context. 

Roofs are and have been incredibly important throughout human history, so it makes sense that early innovations were seen in the construction of these roofs.  

In looking at the historical background of clay tile roofs, preservation experts at with National Park System say, “The origin of clay roofing tile can be traced independently to two different parts of the world: China, during the Neolithic Age, beginning around 10,000 B.C.; and the Middle East, a short time later. From these regions, the use of clay tile spread throughout Asia and Europe. Not only the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, but also the Greeks and Romans roofed their buildings with clay tiles, and adaptations of their practice continue in Europe to the present. European settlers brought this roofing tradition to America where it was established in many places by the 17th century.”

If you would like to know more about the stylish and versatile options of clay and cement tiles available for residential roofs in Deerfield Beach, Florida, please contact All Phase Construction, your full-service roofing company.  

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